The Mobile Eye Clinic (MEC) project is a community eye screening project jointly organized by Singapore Society of Ophthalmology (SSO) and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). The main aim of this project is to bring eyecare to needy members of the community who have fallen through the cracks of our local healthcare system; or are unable to have access to healthcare due to physical or logistical barriers. The MEC model arose to address the inadequacies of conventional Community Eye screening, which identifies eye disease but does not solve the problem of access to tertiary eyecare.

The MEC model involves working with voluntary welfare organizations to reach out to the needy elderly, eye screening by eyecare professionals and volunteers from SCB, direct referral of the elderly to tertiary eyecare institutions, and reimbursement for transport and consultation fees via funding from SCB. Patients who require further follow up and treatment will then be linked up with medical social services to ensure that they do not drop out from the healthcare system due to financial or social reasons. To date, we have conducted 6 successful mobile eye clinics, screening over 800 elderly with visual impairment. Compared to conventional community eye screening, we found that the MEC model has doubled the attendance rate to tertiary eyecare institutions from 30% to 60%.

Visual impairment is a major impediment to quality of life and independence in activities of daily living. We believe that the MEC model can effectively identify beneficiaries with visual impairment and facilitate access to tertiary eye care. Reversal of visual impairment will allow the elderly to resume independence within the community and have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Eye Screening at SilverAce Senior Activity Centre, Lengkok Bahru, April 2016

Eye Screening at St Luke’s Hospital, October 2015

Eye Screening at Jalan Besar Community Club, March 2015

Eye Screening at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, September 2014